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Peak Performance Client List


A partial client list includes:


Allan Houston (New York Knicks)

Marcus Camby (New York Knicks)

Chris Dudley (New York Knicks)

Patricia Hy-Boulais (WTA)

Paul Edwards (US Men's Paralympic Ski Team)

Chris Burgess (Duke University Men's Basketball Team)

Matt Watts, et al (San Diego State University Men's Basketball Team)

Dickey Simpkins (Providence College Men's Basketball Team)

Michael Smith (Providence College Men's Basketball Team)

Troy Smith (RI College, NCAA D3 Men's 1st Team All-America Center)
Allan Houston:
Allan and I worked together while Allan was in a slump at the end of the 1998-99 NBA season.  The next night, Allan scored 30 points, shooting 59% from the floor in a 4-point win without which the Knicks would not have made the NBA playoffs (they ultimately went to the NBA Finals).
During the first half of the 1999-2000 season, I worked with Allan to overcome his history of slow starts during his first six NBA seasons.  Allan had an oustanding first half of the season and subsequently made the NBA All-Star team for the first time in his career.
Prior to Game 6 of the '99-'00 NBA playoff series against Miami, Allan and I worked together to break him out of a series-long slump.  In game 6, Allan had his only 50%+ shooting game of the series, and he took over the game in the 4th quarter to keep the Knicks from being eliminated by the Heat.  The Knicks eventually moved onto the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.
Chris Dudley:
I worked with Chris to improve his NBA career-record worst free throw shooting.  During the '98-'99 season, Chris got national attention when he had the longest consecutive-made free throw streak of his career.  When Chris and I worked together (and Chris was uninjured), he shot 70% from the line, significantly better than his career 46% average as a free thrown shooter.
Marcus Camby:
Marcus approached me during the '98-'99 playoffs.  The Knicks had just lost game 4 at Madison Square Garden to the Indiana Pacers during the Eastern Conference Finals.  Marcus had shot just 53% from the line during the regular season and playoffs, and had gone just 4-for-8 from the line during the game, one that the Knicks had lost by only a couple of points.  Marcus asked me what I could do to help him prior to the next game. 
I asked how much time we had, and Marcus, dressed in a suit in the middle of a crowd of people outside the Knicks lockerroom, said that he was on his way to be interviewed and then the team was getting onto the plane to go to Indiana.  Marcus and I worked together -- without a ball -- in the middle of the crowd.  His free throw percentage immediately jumped to 69% and remained there throughout the playoffs, and throughout the following season.

Patricia Hy-Boulais:
I worked with Patricia, ranked in the high 80's in the WTA world rankings at the time, prior to the Bank of the West tournament.  In her first match following our work, Patricia upset Zina Garrison, at the time ranked in the low-40's.  Patricia's subsequent match with Monica Seles was described by WTA officials, who had seen them play against each other in several previous matches, as her best ever.
Paul Edwards:
Paul was a member of the US Paralympic Ski Team.  He was having significant stress-related problems skiing in speed events (Downhill and Super-G) following an accident in a Downhill competition in which he broke both of his arms.  Advised by the U.S. Paralympic team coaches to skip the speed events and concentrate on the technical events (Slalom and Giant Slalom) at the World Cup competition held in Breckenridge, CO, Paul instead opted to work with me to improve his performance in speed events.
One week after our work, Paul became the first American male in history (able-bodied or disabled) to win a World Cup Gold Medal on US soil.  He won it in the second speed event, the Super G.
Chris Burgess
While a freshman on the Duke University men's basketball team, Chris shot a highly publicized 34% from the free throw line.  Before his sophomore year, Chris and I worked both on his mechanics and on getting him into his mental zone when shooting free throws.
Chris began the next season shooting 80% from the free throw line.  Although his statistics plummeted after someone changed his mechanics, he still shot 62% for the season, a significant improvement from the previous seasons' 34%.  National television reports said that Chris claimed his improvement was due to our work together.
Matt Watts and the San Diego State University Men's Basketball Team
I taught the coaching staff the mechanical improvements necessary to improve the team's free throw shooting, which had already lost SDSU five games.  I performed mental coaching work with a number of the team's players.
During a "Big Monday" game broadcast on ESPN, it was reported that Matt Watts, an SDSU senior and a career 50% free throw shooter, was leading the WAC while shooting 90% from the line.

Providence College -- Michael Smith and Dickey Simpkins:


I worked with the two Providence College big men, each of whose free throw percentage was in the low-50s.  Two days after we began, Providence upset the #23 team in the country with Dickey and Michael hitting critical free throws and shooting 80% from the free throw line.


Two weeks later, Providence broke Georgetown Universitys home winning streak when they beat #20 Georgetown in overtime.  Michael Smith hit clutch free throws down the stretch including two that tied the game at the end of regulation.

Troy Smith
Troy, a Division III All-American center for Rhode Island College, lost two games against Division II schools by missing free throws with no time left on the clock.  Within two weeks of our working together, Troy had raised his shooting percentage to 80%, where it stayed for the rest of his career.
In addition, we did some things so that Troy shot better after timeouts (84%).  In the ECAC post-season tournament semi-finals, the opposing coach called timeout in an effort to "ice" Troy.  Instead, Troy hit both free throws to win the game and send RIC into the next round of the tournament.

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