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"This has helped me a lot more than I thought.  I went through a time when Art and I didn't really communicate or talk and I got back with him and it really helped."
From the New York Post,
and Pawtucket (RI) Times:

(Art) Rondeau can lay claim to singlehandedly improving the shooting of Allan Houston and Marcus Camby of the New York Knicks, Chris Burgess of Duke, Troy Smith of Rhode Island College, Dickey Simpkins and Michael Smith when they were at Providence College in the early-90s, the entire San Diego State mens hoop team in 1999 and, in perhaps his greatest accomplishment, helping to boost notorious NBA bricklayer Chris Dudley's free throw percentage from 46 percent to 70 percent while under Rondeau's tutelage.
"My honest feeling is that all you can do is prepare yourself mentally and physically.  The way I look at it, God is going to have his way with you, but Art has had a lot to do with it." 

Despite all his accomplishments over the years, however, Rondeau has never received the type of attention he's been getting since the New York Post ran a well-placed blurb a few weeks ago on the help he gave Allan Houston back in the 1999-2000 season. Houston shot 58 percent while under Rondeau's program and was quoted as saying the program "has helped me a lot more than I thought."
Allan Houston -- 1999-2000 Prior to All-Star Break


              Games                 PPG       FG       3Pt      Team Record

         Off Program    23       17.2      40%     38%     12-11  (.522)

         On Program    24       24.5       57%     53%     17-7   (.708)

"He just helped me to be able to stay focused.  For me to be as successful as I have been I almost had to shoot 50 percent for the way this team is and the way I get shots...(Art) really had a lot to do with that."  --  Allan Houston, New York Knicks guard, to the New York Post (April, 2000)
From the New York Post:
Rondeau - NY Post
Art-ful Shooting
When Allan Houston was at his best a few years ago, he was working closely with "peak performance coach" Art Rondeau.
At the time, Houston praised Rondeau's work, saying of his 58 percent shooting while under Rondeau's program, "This has helped me a lot more than I thought."  Rondeau has been keeping close tabs on the Knicks' fourth-quarter meltdowns the last two years.  He believes they are happening for a number of reasons and the Knicks are actually bringing the collapse on themselves by their mental approach.  "They need to change their beliefs about the meltdowns being inevitable since believing that one is coming, causes them to make it happen," says Rondeau, who would love to help fix the Knicks, with Don Chaney's blessing, of course. 
Rondeau is convinced his unique training program could get this snakebitten team into the playoffs.
Peak Performance Coaching
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“My teenaged daughter had reached a plateau in fencing competition.  After one session with Art, her ability to focus on the challenge directly in front of her improved dramatically, leading to a substantial improvement in her results and to her qualifying for Nationals.  After a second session, eight months later, she received the highest ranking available to U.S. fencers. She is now an elite competitor and one of the top teenaged fencers in the nation.  Art's program was, and continues to be, instrumental in my daughter's success."
- Gary M. Zeiss, Esq., parent

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