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Board of Directors
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Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame, presented by Navigant Credit Union
Board of Directors

  • John Colletto - Class of 2013, RIRHOF; Public relations executive; former on-air personality WPRO-AM, WSKO-AM/FM
  • Jimmy Gray - Class of 2009, RIRHOF
  • Charlie Jefferds - Class of 2008, RIRHOF
  • Steve Kass - Class of 2010, RIRHOF
  • Andrew Lamchick - Sales executive, iHeartRadio, Providence 
  • Bill Lancaster - Sales executive, WLNE-TV; former General Manager WADK-AM, WOTB-FM, WJZS-FM; Operations WERI-AM/FM
  • Joe Lembo - Former sales executive, Cumulus Media; sales executive, WPRI-TV 
  • Steve McDonald - Class of 2010, RIRHOF; On-air personality WHJJ-AM, WHJY-FM, WWBB-FM
  • Lori Needham - Executive Director, RI Broadcasters Association
  • Dick Poholek - Sales executive, Comcast; former radio executive WPRO-AM/FM, WHJJ/WHJY 
  • Debbie Rich - Former news reporter WHJJ-AM, WHJY-FM, WWRX-AM, WPRO-AM, WCTK-FM
  • Vin Ciavatta (Vin E. McCoy) - Former on-air personality WSNE-FM, WICE-AM; Affiliate Sales Manager Westwood One/CBS Radio Networks, current Senior Account Manager, Nielsen Audio. 
  • John Rooke - Class of 2011, RIRHOF; On-air personality WEEI-FM; formerly WPRO-AM, WSKO-AM/FM
  • Chuck Wilson - Class of 2014, RIRHOF; Former on-air personality WEAN-AM, WICE-AM, WPRO-AM

Board Advisors

  • Paul Zangari- Former news reporter/talk host WEAN-AM, WPRO-AM, WPRV-AM
  • Tony Rizzini - Class of 2014, RIRHOF
  • Janice Skelly - Shepard recipient, Class of 2014
    • Dave Richards - Class of 2012, RIRHOF; General Manager, WOON-AM
    • Jeff Falewicz - Former on-air/management WSNE-FM, WWBB-FM, currently RIPR executive
    Your nominations, as well as others contributed by current and former members of the Rhode Island radio community, will be considered with your Associate Membership in the RIRHOF, and voted upon by the above named board members. 
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